Monday, September 26, 2005

Kaori Kawasaki

Exercise Today

A long time ago, people didn’t exercise enough. However, these days, a lot of people are doing aerobic exercise like jogging, swimming and bicycling. It goes without saying this increase over the pant is important for our health as Seal (1997) indicate. I agree exercise may help our health.
Seal in “Exercise” says that exercise can help our body and heart. However, people don’t keep up with it regularly. Exercising has lots of benefits. It reduces cholesterol and helps overweight people to lose their weight, but people don’t do it regularly and constantly enough. It is not easy to keep doing anything. It may need to spaces, equipment, or time. However to keep doing is very important I agree with this article. It is true exercising is good way for our body to keep health. In addition, I can feel relaxed and refreshed after exercise. However, I also know it is very difficult to keep exercising. I often give up soon, but I’m sure that it is a good to keep going regularly. If they do not, people get healthy benefits from exercise.

Reference: Seal,B. (1997) Exercise. Academic Encounters: Human Behavior,37-39


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