Monday, September 12, 2005

Kaori Kawasaki

Stress Summary
Seal (1997) in “What is stress” says that Stress is continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life that prevents you from relaxing. In addition, it arises from our mental and physical reactions. If you feel stress, its symptoms appear is a lot of different ways. It is caused by stressors life events like divorce, losing a job, and so on. When we feel stress, we react to stressor in three stages, which is called the general adaptation syndrome. First, “the alarm reaction” is to notice and recognize the stress and after that “resistance” is to confront the stress. If it’s controlled, it’s O.K. However, if resistance doesn’t succeed, the subject enters “exhaustion” which is the final stage. However, humans reaction is different depending on person as opposed to animals in which it is always the same,


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Stress in the workplace? Henry David Thoreau had it right more than a century ago when he told us to simplify. That's more true now than ever.

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