Thursday, October 27, 2005

Environmental Problems in N.Y.

Today, New York City has a lot of environmental problems. According to Alan Whyte, there days, New York has very hot and humid weather. It is very serious because the drying weather causes drought. In addition, it sometimes runs people into death. Global warming causes great harm, which is high sea level,gases, the temperature increase, ground level ozone and so on. In a hundred years, the results are very dreadful in New York. However, if people keep using natural resources, it is an awful problem not only in New York City but also all over the world. We have to think about the conservation of nature, and it is time to take action as soon as possible.

First, people only think about how to make their lives more comfortable . Therefore, they use a lot of electricity easily, but the more comfortable their life, the worse environment. For example, people don’t stand to use air conditioner or heater. When they feel hot or cold just a little bit, they turn them on. In addition, some may turn on the air conditioner very low and they may wear a lot, or the heater very high and eat ice cream. However, it causes global warming.

Next, people use the car when they go out. Even if it is near, they may do that. Cars are very convenient because they can go to place where people want to go. However, cars emit gas and it causes global warming. Everyone knows that, but nobody thinks about reducing their use of cars. I know why. It is a very simple answer. This answer is because cars are the most convenient ; they are comfortable and easier than bikes, trains, subways or buses. When we ride a train, subways or buses, we have to walk to the station. When we ride a bike, it requires to energy. Therefore , people prefer cars to other vehicles.

There are many environmental problems today. People must think about it and try to reduce using cars, electrical appliances and so on. They are imitating blindness , but now is the time to think seriously and do something for global warming.

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