Monday, October 31, 2005

Fresh kills landfill in New York City by Kaori

In New York City, there is the world’s largest landfill, which is called Fresh Kills . It is trying to change from just a landfill to a park now. There were more waste in New York City after the terrorism on the World Trade Center. Staten Islanders saw a lot of garbage like a mountain for a long time and they live with it. However, it is not easy to change from a landfill to a park, because it takes a lot of time and costs too much to be rebuild it. However, there is the value that making a landfill into a park will get many people to go there. New York, as we know, is the most densely developed city in the nation. At one time, it has some environmental problems like this. Now, people have begun to think about that and try to change to something better.
First, the most important thing to change to be better is to make plans. Why didn’t people think about environmental problems until theses problems became serious? They had to noticed before. If they notice earlier, its solution would have been easiler. For example, there are many dumps around the world. However, they don’t know what they should do because of too much garbage. Before it is getting worse than now, we have to plan for our future.
Next, recycling helps the environmental problem. These days, it is getting famous to recycle aluminum cans, glass bottles and so on. When I was a little child, it was not famous and people often didn’t do that. People have judge if it is a renewable resource or nonrenewable resource, and judge whether they can dump or can recycle.
Last, wrapping papers use less than before. It means clerks may ask you “Do you need a bag to put this in?” or something. Or clerks don’t wrap things several times now. Because actually we don’t need a lot of wrapping paper or extra bags; it becomes just trash. In addition, some supermarkets discount if we bring our own bag for shopping. As a result, their consciousness is changing the amount of trash. Also, we don’t need to use excess paper and bags.
People have begun to think about environmental problems and are trying to change their action at ling last. It took much tome to notice that, but we need to make an effort to change from now on. If people wrestle with this problem, it might be better.

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