Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Argumentative Essay

There is no space to dump because of too much waste. According to Jim Johnson (2003), the largest landfill in New York called Fresh Kills is trying to change from just a landfill to a park now. When it becomes like a park, more people will go there as an enjoyable place. However, it is not easy to change like that, because it takes a lot of time and costs too much to rebuild it. In addition, McGuire (2005) said that some people who were killed by the 9/11 terrorism were buried under the Fresh Kills. The families of the victims are very upset and would like their dead family remains to be moved to another site, so the families asked lawmakers to pass a bill to have family remains sent to another landfill, a place where the family can mourn. Some families would like the dead’s remains to be moved to Governor’s Island.

The problem of Fresh Kills landfill is a serious problem in New York City, and there are three reasons to make a memorial place.

First, it would be very difficult to find all the remains in the Fresh Kills, because four years has gone since the terrorism happened. Four years is too long to find the remains under the Fresh Kills. If people tried to find remains soon, it might be easier than now. In addition, remains’ shape may change because of the time. Because long time goes by, a lot of remains might become ash. Therefore, if the remains could be found out now, families of victims at 9/11 who are buried in the Fresh Kills could not ever know who they are. It is kind of impossible to find all the remains now.

Second, there is not enough money to move all remains to another place. If the remains are moved to another place, it would cost too much. In addition, there is not enough workers or machines which do that. Even if there is enough money to do that, there is very low possibility that all remains can be found. Therefore, it is better to make a memorial place at Fresh Kills.

Finally, people will go to the memorial park after Fresh Kills is changed. They would make one the new monument which people want to see like the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome in Hiroshima, Japan. In addition, people don’t forget tragedy. They can recover from the memory of Ground Zero. Therefore, it can be better for people’s healing. If Fresh Kills is only vacant land, nobody will want to go there, and people may be able to forget easily. However, a lot of people remember the tragedy of the atom bomb by virtue of the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome in Hiroshima ,Japan. Making a memorial park has great power to remember an unfortunate occurrence.

We can’t change the past, so we should do something to get better from now on. Making the memorial place has mainly three reasons. It is difficult to find all the remains. There is not enough money to move all the remains. People will go to the memorial park after it changes. People have begun to think about environmental problems. It took much time to notice that, but we need to make an effort to change from now on. In addition, the government must make some good plan for our future.

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