Monday, November 07, 2005

Fresh Kills in New York

In New York, September 11 was a tragic time in world history. People and family members were hurt and some were killed. According to McGuire after four years, family members are still mourning the death of their loved ones, so many people died that they are still remains. That could not be identified in New York City’s landfill. Some people who were killed and the 9/11 terrorism ashes remain in the Fresh Kills landfill. The families of the victims are very upset and would like their dead family remains to be moved to another sight, so the families expressed to lawmakers to pass a bill to have family remains sent to another landfill, a place where the family can mourn. Some families would like the dead’s remains to be moved to Governor’s Island. In my essay, I will write about three reasons for Fresh Kills to be better for people.

First, a landfill should be an enjoyable place like a park. If this landfill is a big park, a lot of people will want to go there, and it might be new place which people can enjoy to visit. For example, if it is going to be a big park or enjoyable place,people can have more communication with each other. And if people can enjoy something like a picnic there, people can recover from the memory of Ground Zero. Therefore, it can be better for people’s healing.

Next, if many people visit the landfill by creating the park, it could be better for increasing public income. It can be used for reconstruction of the building which was destroyed by the 9/11 terrorism, and for contribution to the victims of terrorism. Although increasing public income directly does not help the victims’ mind, it may help the victim to live from now on.

Finally, the biggest problem about Fresh Kills is that there are still many victims laid there, so families of the dead, who would like for their dead loved ones remains to be moved to another place other than Fresh Kills, because families of the dead hope to bury each of them in this own place.

There are still a lot of remains in Fresh Kills, and they have not been identified; this problem may cause both an environmental problem and a problem for victims’ memory of the 9/11 terrorism, so the government should solve this problem. There are three main reasons why they should correct from Fresh Kills. Creating the landfill as a park gives people better relations and healing from the event of terrorism. Also many victims are helped by creating the park for getting public income. And the remains should be removed to aother place for honor of values. Thus, solving Fresh Kills’ problem may help victims and the victims’ families and it can regain from the memory of terrorism for every victims.

McGuire ,B. ( 2005, June 16 ). 9/11 Families urge lawmakers to act on remains. The New York Sun, One SL, LLC. Retrieved from Lexis-Nexis


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