Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Research Proposal

I was interested in Fresh Kills landfill in New York because there is high population and more and more people go to New York as a tourist every year. Therefore, I was wondering where garbage goes. There is no space to dump because of too much waste. According to Jim Johnson (2003), Fresh Kills is trying to change from just a landfill to a park now. When it become like a park, more people will go to there as a enjoyable place. However, it is not easy to change like that, because it takes a lot of
time and costs too much rebuild it. In addition, McGuire (2005) said that some people who killed by the 9/11 terrorism were buried under Fresh Kills. The families of the
victims are very upset and would like their dead family remain to be moved to another site, so the families urged lawmakers to pass a bill to have family remains sent to another landfill, a place where the family can mourn. Some families would like the deadÅfs remains to be moved to GovernorÅfs Island. People should think about it seriously and make plans which will make the situation better. Why didn’t people think about environmental problems until the problems serious? They had to notice before. If they noticed earlier, its solution would have been easy.

I plan on this writing that three things should be done about solution this Fresh Kills problem. People should make a great memorial place in the landfill. First, it is very difficult to find all the remains. Second, if remains are moved to another place, it will cost too much. Finally, people can go to the memorial park after it has changed. Therefore, it will become a place which people want to visit.

I have found a variety of articles that give background information on the Fresh Kills landfill , and have found a useful website that helps to describe the problem. I
still research articles about what we should do for getting better Fresh Kills.

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McGuire, B. ( 2005, June 16 ). 9/11 Families urge lawmakers too act on remains. The New York Sun, One SL, LLC. Retrieved from Lexis-Nexis.


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