Thursday, December 08, 2005

exam practice

Kaori Kawasaki

Synthesis Exam Practice

Now, nuclear testing is taking place in a lot of places in the world. The government says it is needed to do that in our lives, because to test is to develop the capability for nuclear weapon. However, people who live in the place where nuclear testing takes place don’t want them to do nuclear testing, because it causes bad things for people’s health and our life.

First, it causes serious disaster like skin cancers or melanomas. According to H.Gubler (2004,par. 1), the radiation from the nuclear testing gives people skin cancers and melanomas. If someone lives near the place where nuclear testing takes place, it may be easy to get this kind of disaster. In addition, Soloman(2001, p. 1)says, “Winds routinely carried radioactive fallout to communities in Utah, Nevada, and northern Arizona… children and other living in downwind areas were beginning to develop leukemia,” Therefore, people don’t want that to be done around their house, city or country.

Next, it may have happened after some place did it. According to T.Batt(2002), because of continuous testing in Nevada, it may hasten other countries to test nuclear bomb. I think that it is like peer pressure. Even if other countries tested nuclear weapons, it is not good to do it.

Finally, it especially harms children’s body. According to Libertarian Party Press Release, (1997), “exposed people in five states to enough radiation to cause lethal thyroid cancer. Especially vulnerable: Children under age five, who received radiation dosages three to seven times above the average.” The radiation from nuclear testing is a very bad thing for human’s body, but especially children become sacrificed to nuclear testing. Children have a nice dream and a long future from now on. Adults have to accept the responsibility.

We have to think about what good is or bad is. Also, we should act on everything with our responsibilities.


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