Monday, January 23, 2006

Kaori Kawasaki

According to E. Kaiser, when we built a Wal-Mart, it was in a Wisconsin small town. They would lose the history and culture. The people in the community would rather have a Wal-Mart in another community than an expansion to the Wal-Mart supercenter. Wal-Mart wants to open more stores in communities, but cities like New Orleans and Dallas refused Wal-Mart. Super Wal-Mart will now be built with more than one level, which is said to become a problem to customers, because escalators and elevators are becoming less convenient, especially for the disabled. It is said by people and in some communities that the Super Wal-Mart which sells food may take customers from other grocery stores. Wal-Marts in smaller towns are not as known as Wal-Marts in urban communities, and the people of rural towns would rather shop at grocery stores. The retailer still believes the new super Wal-Marts will become beneficial sooner or later and the builder has agreed to continue to build Wal-Marts around the United States.

I'm going to say three reasons to not make a Wal-Mart in an urban area.

First, there is not enough space to build a huge store like Wal-Mart in an urban area. There are a lot of Wal-Marts in a country which is very huge, and there is also a huge parking area there. However, how do you think that is it possible to build a big size supermarket like Wal-Mart in that area? I think "Impossible." In the cities it is crowded with small stores, museums, and so on, even if there is no Wal-Mart. Therefore, it is difficult to find a place to make it in town.

Next, if there are more and more Wal-Marts in the United States, there are fewer and fewer retail stores. I think especially in urban towns there needs to exist small shops for visitors, because it's fun to walk around shopping arcades for tourists. In addition, if a lot of retail stores disappear because of making more Wal-Marts, retailers may go out of business because of stagnation.

Finally, if Wal-Mart is made in an urban area, it may not do good business. I think Wal-Mart is especially for countrymen, because there is a huge parking area to go there by car. Also, they sell whatever we want. People who use Wal-Mart go to Wal-Mart about once a week. They buy huge things and bring the car. However, people who live in the city don't have to do that. Wal-Mart is not necessary for people who are in urban area, as people for it is for with are in the countryside.

Wal-Mart is already very popular in the United States, and it is still trying to expand with more stores. However, there is some problem to make Wal-Mart.

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